The Plan - North/South America's the plan.

We are leaving from Harrisonburg, Virginia on November 6, 2005. We're heading down through the states, with stops at a couple of relatives' homes along the way.

Our route will follow the Pan-American Highway, which actually starts in Alaska and ends in Chile, but we decided to catch the lower half of it. The entire highway stretches over 16,000 miles through the Americas.

We'll cross the border into Mexico in Laredo, Texas and spend about one month traveling through Mexico and the Yucatan Peninsula.

Then we plan to hit Central America with Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama. From Panama we hope to fly us and the motorcycle across to Bogota, Colombia, since the road kind of ends shortly after Panama City.

Once in South America, we'll stick to the west coast, traveling with the Pacific Ocean to our right and the Andes Mountains to our left. Down, down, down, we'll go toward Cape Horn in Argentina, before heading back north to Buenos Aires. There the journey will end and we will trade in our wheels for a pair of big metal wings and fly back to Florida.

Four months is the estimated duration of the trip.





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