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10/15/2005 New York City
This was the farthest trip we took to date with the Guzzi. A good test trip for packing and riding before starting our longer journey next month. Read More...
New York City
10/29/2005 Old Fields, West Virginia
We went camping in West Virginia with family. Despite the frost that formed on our tents, we had a warm fire and hot coffee. Read More...
Journal 1
11/4/2005 Packing the Guzzi
We spent lots of time packing all of our stuff and when it came time to leave we found that we were able to fit more than we had planned which was good. Read More...
Journal 2
11/6/2005 Harrisonburg, Virginia
We left on Sunday morning, our watches saying 9:23 a.m. and the odometer on the Guzzi displaying 6060 miles. After goodbyes from our families, we headed south on Interstate 81 towards North Carolina.
Journal 3
11/13/2005 Mexican Border
We crossed into Mexico over Puente Internacional Numero Uno, a bridge that crosses a narrow and sluggish Rio Grande. Making it across the border was easier than a sobriety check point. Read More...
Journal 4
11/17/2005 Monterrey, Mexico
Monterrey sits in a valley that is entered through a mountain pass . It revealed itself to us with campfire coal lights as Highway 85 began a downward descent. Read More...
Journal 5
11/19/2005 San Luis Potosí, Mexico
Though the land around the highway seemed uninhabitable, signs of life cropped up everywhere. The plains were flat except for the occasionally lumpy hill, the peaks of which were usually adorned with a cross.
Journal 6
11/20/2005 Salvatierra, Mexico
We made our way to the 18th century church. We found it on a narrow side street, its façade and surrounding fence decorated with fruits and vegetables, as part of an annual celebration to honor “El Señor del Socorro.”
Journal 7
11/21/2005 Part I - Angangueo, Mexico
Just outside of Angangueo we stopped to ask for directions. A group of people passing through the town had let a donkey carrying their belongings wander ahead of them.
Journal 8 - Part 1
11/21/2005 Part II - Angangueo, Mexico
A monarch would awake, flutter its wings until it broke from the cluster and gently fall to the pine needle covered floor. In a reverse autumn, the monarch leaves became alive and dropped from the trees, the woods so quiet that you could hear them land. Read More...

11/27/2005 Mexico City Bull Fight
Like any event, pictures or words cannot substitute for experiencing a bullfight in person. When you're actually there you understand things, like why the matador's outfit, which sparkles in the afternoon sun, is called the “suit of lights.” Read More...
Journal 9
11/28/2005 Teotihuacán, Mexico
The city is laid out north to south along a nearly two mile street, known as “The Avenue of the Dead." As we explored the citadel at the southern end of the ruins, the pyramids of the sun and moon rose out of the morning haze like distant mountains. Read More...
Journal 10 Journal 8 - Part 2
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