The Journal  

12 March 2006

Miami and Key West , Florida

Author: Jeremiah

Photographer: Holly


Home Again: Miami and Key West , Florida , USA

March 7-9

After receiving our motorcycle late Tuesday evening, we headed south from Miami at night, stopping in Florida City before continuing to Key West the next morning. The concrete bridges that link the islands into a chain were filled with motorcycles, refugees from the Daytona Bike Week. A week ago, we had been in the southernmost city in the world. When we arrived in Key West , we were in the southernmost city in the U.S. , a sight in town noting that the island nation of Cuba was only 90 miles away.


Bahia Honda State Park was full of RVers staying in the Keys for the winter.

On Wednesday evening, we met Michael Vernon on Higgs Beach , a public beach on the southern edge of town. As the sun set, Michael officiated a simple ceremony and Holly and I were married, reciting vows we had written while on the road.


Michael married us on Higgs Beach just before sunset.


We watched the sunset by the beach as the Guzzi waited to carry us back for the night.

Throughout our trip we continually met people whose kindness and helpfulness astounded us. In Key West we added Michael's name to the list. We met Michael through his Web site, which advertises his services as a wedding planner and officiant. Besides performing our ceremony, he offered us a place in his apartment to escape $200 a night Key West hotel rates.


We cut into our "wedding cake" of key lime pie after dinner on our wedding night.

The next morning, we visited historical downtown Key West, eating breakfast at a restaurant overrun by the Key's infamous chickens. Along with the fowl, the downtown area is also overrun by scooters, the favored means of transportation for everyone from boat dwelling residents to college spring breakers. We had planned to spend more time in Key West , but as our schedule continued to get shorter, our extra time disappeared. Soon after breakfast, after spending less than 24 hours in Key West , we were heading out of town to catch the end of Bike Week.


One of the infamous chickens that wander the streets of Key West .


A good American breakfast, complete with grits, which we enjoyed at the Blue Heaven restaurant.



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